taxi-cabs ain’t stopping, and i don’t know my way home.

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Simmons, we’re all scared

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COUNTDOWN TO SEASON 12: a gifset per episode

→ season 6: reconstruction, chapter 4

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The teams are fine!” “The teams suck.”

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with our final breath

we’ll fight to the death

we are soldiers, we are soldiers (x)

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Hi guys, just a reminder to please tag and readmore your comments on the new RvB episode tonight. Even if you’re not a sponsor, we have RvB fans from a lot of different timezones, not to mention that people work at different times of the day, so not everyone can see the new episode right when it drops.

So let’s all be awesome and hide ALL our spoilers and enjoy the season.

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Anonymous: bye bye sarge??

they have a ~sarge armour on the stream and it fell outta nowhere. haha so the entire chat was like “rip sarge”

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